2021 Natural Building Conference – October 14-16, 2021

Get your hands dirty and rub elbows with some of the most established natural builders in the world! Join me at the Rocky Mountain Natural Building Conference in Moab, UT October 14th -16th 2021. I’ll be presenting on Practical Sustainability as well as participating in a panel discussion titled “Making Natural Building Mainstream”.

“Practical Sustainability: From Conventional Building to Load-Bearing Strawbale”:

There are those of us that live on the extremes of the building spectrum. Conventional building is a mess of pink fiberglass insulation and paints filled with chemicals. Off-grid load-bearing strawbale construction is highly sustainable, but not a lifestyle option for many. So, how do we move more people into using natural, reused, and recycled materials?
I have spent my career injecting sustainable elements into conventional design and construction. I’ve re-built a home from 1898, constructed an off-grid conventionally built home with sustainable elements, built a partially off-grid container house, and I’ve built an off-grid load-bearing strawbale home.

In this talk, I’ll share with you the lessons I’ve learned about how to improve the sustainability of your design and construction so that you can find the right place for you (or your clients) on the spectrum between the two extremes.

All Hands In requires ALL HANDS IN – not just people who want to come to conferences like this one. If we’re going to make a change for the planet and our health, we need to figure out how to incorporate sustainability into mainstream design and construction.