Vigilance Dedication! at Burning Beetle

Meet us on January 17th (5pm) at the New Custer Community Center (in the library parking lot at the corner of 4th and Crook Street) for the dedication of Vigilance! Vigilance is the sculpture built by Jared Capp that commemorates Burning Beetle itself! The sculpture has a flame that will ceremonially light our torches and carry the message to the future generations of Beetle Burners of what this is all about!

This is a big deal! Located at the front of the new Custer Community Center this will help landmark this newly remodeled (starting soon! Yay!) facility and provide a place to educate people about the landscape events that brought about Burning Beetle! This is, in some ways, full circle for the initial vision of the group that started thinking about making art as a way to understand the massive and dramatic landscape changes at work in our forest due to the Mountain Pine Beetle.

Please join us as we celebrate! Several speakers will bring tears of joy, sorrow, inspiration, and reflection to your eyes, including representatives of Burning Beetle, Custer Area Arts Council, Custer City, and even Cappie himself! The ceremony will culminate with the lighting of the sculptures flame. Then, after we have officially launched Burning Beetle weekend we will gather at the Custer Beacon to enjoy music (Sophia Beatty) and camaraderie!